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Drain Tracing and Sonar Surveys

One of the major challenges with drains is that they are out of sight, which is convenient most of the time but becomes a problem when they become blocked, new pipework has to be connected or you need to have some work done on your property that involves excavation.

Drawings of a property’s drainage system are often inaccurate at the outset or are not updated with changes and additions to the system made since the original build.

Our drain tracing services can reveal the exact layout of your drains. Our equipment will identify the location of your drainage underground and the corresponding path above ground; this not only makes drain repairs as efficient as possible but will also help contractors working on your property avoid any costly mistakes through accidentally damaging your drains. Utilizing our high tech equipment which is designed to trace any of your underground utilities we are happy to map out your services we are able to provide a detailed report prior to any ground work commencing.

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